Bothwell Castle Pipe Band

This band was started in October 2010 and is based in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. 
The band is made up from pipers and drummers with experience in bands from Grade3 to Grade1.  Our aim is to compete at the Majors each year with a good standard of musical performance. Our members have busy working and social lives and this band has been created with that in mind and to suit these individuals, We practice twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. Practice is in the Olde Club, Tannochside, Uddingston.
We welcome all drummers and pipers from around the Lanarkshire, Glasgow and west of Scotland area to join if this too meets your ideal level of practice and commitment. During our first year in Competition 2012 we had a reasonable level of performance, and to finish the year we achieved 6th at Cowal, narrowly missing out on a 3rd place. 
2016 so far the band has achieved Best Drum Corps British Champions, Best Drum Corps UK Champions, 4th at British Championships at Paisley. 
 The name of the band comes from a local landmark in South Lanarkshire, home to many an historic battle and owned by many nobles from Scotland and England, including Moray and Douglas.
Now owned by Historic Scotland. Click here for details.